Product Specific Preferences

Use the Product Specific Preferences page to customize features, services and settings that are unique to a specific product or a family of products.

Navigating to the Product Specific Preferences Page

  1. Navigate to the Location Summary page of the location for which you wish to view/edit product specific preferences.
  2. From the Location Summary page, click Preferences in the green left-hand sidebar menu. Then select Product Specific Preferences from the submenu.
  3. The Product Specific Preferences page is displayed.
  4. Begin by selecting a product from the pull-down list, which contains a dynamic list of the databases to which this location subscribes and which offer at least one customizable option.
  5. Users with "Admin" privilege can edit the settings. Click the Save button when you have finished making changes.

Click a product name below for details on its specific customizable settings. Note that all customizable products are listed here, however, in Gale Admin you will only find the ones to which the location subscribes.

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