Edit Database Subscriptions

The Edit Database Subscriptions page displays the Gale resources that make up a location's current subscription and indicates which of those databases are included by default with Gale Power Search.

Users with "Admin" privilege can use this page to specify the order in which the subscribed resources are listed on the Gale Databases menu.

  1. Navigate to the Location Summary page for the location you wish to work on.
  2. From the Location Summary page, click Edit Database Subscriptions in the green left-hand sidebar menu.
  3. The Edit Database Subscriptions page is displayed.
    • The CURRENT DATABASE SUBSCRIPTIONS list displays those Gale resources to which the location is subscribed. To search for a specific database, type all or part of its name or product code in the Search box.
    • The databases are displayed in the order that they appear to patrons on the Gale Databases menu. Refer to Step 4 to change the order.
    • The databases that are part of Gale Power Search cross-searching are indicated by the check mark in the Include in Gale Power Search box in the far right column. Note that not all databases can be cross-searched by Gale Power Search. [Click here for more information on Gale Power Search] [Click here to learn how to make default Gale Power Search product selections for a location]
  4. Users with "Admin" privilege can change the order of the subscribed databases:
    • To list the databases in alphabetical order, click the Sort Databases Alphabetically button.
    • To manually move a database up/down the list one position at a time, click on a database, and then click Move Up or Move Down.
  5. Click the Save button when you have finished making changes.