Upload/Download DB Contents

Downloading the list of periodicals or newspapers in a custom database collection will allow you to import the values to a spreadsheet and make any changes while offline. You may then modify the spreadsheet to indicate which periodicals or newspapers you want included in which custom database. When you're finished, you can upload the modified spreadsheet back into Gale Admin for the changes to take effect.

  1. Navigate to the Institution Summary or the Location Summary page of the account to go to the account level for which you wish upload/download either all periodical titles or all newspaper titles that are available across all custom databases at that level
  2. From the Summary page, click either:
    • The Custom Databases in the left-hand sidebar menu. Then select Upload/Download DB Contents from the submenu
    • Or, click the "To edit the Journal/Newspaper list for more than one custom database click here" link that appears at the bottom of the screen
  3. The Upload/Download DB Contents (Adding/Updating Multiple Journals) page is displayed for the corresponding account level.
  4. Select the list you wish to download: "General Periodicals" or "Newspapers."
  5. Follow the steps provided onscreen to either download or upload your list of custom database periodicals or newspapers.

Modifying the List of Available Titles in All Databases by Type

The downloaded spreadsheet will contain either magazine/journal titles or newspaper titles, depending on what you selected. Here is a partial view of a sample spreadsheet:

Your Custom DB 1 (for ex., focus on agriculture) Your Custom DB 2 (for ex., focus on arts and culture) Your Custom DB 3 (for ex., focus on business) Selectable Journal Name ISSN Audience Issues Per Year Full Text Start Date Index Start Date Backfile Full Text Start Date Backfile Index Start Date
    X ABA Journal   Professional          
  X   African Arts   Academic          
X   X Agricultural Outlook   Trade          

To add a journal to a specific database, place an "X" in the appropriate column of the spreadsheet corresponding to that database name. In the above example, ABA Journal will only appear in the Your Custom DB 3 database, while Agricultural Outlook will appear in two databases: Your Custom DB 1 and Your Custom DB 3.

At a later time if you wish to remove a title from a database, simply delete the corresponding "X".

When you're finished, be sure to save the spreadsheet in Comma-Separated Values (CSV) format. You can upload the file back into Gale Admin using the Browse and Upload buttons provided. Click the Browse button to find the file on your PC. Clicking the Upload button transfers the file to the Gale server and your changes will be recorded.

NOTE: Changes made to Gale Admin regarding your custom databases are implemented once per day. If you make database changes twice in a single day, those changes will be implemented in sequence over two days.